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Session registration for Affiliated international organizations and Internal commissions

To register sessions/meetings for your AIO or IC, please fill in your name and e-mail address and select your organization (listed in a pull-down menu on the form).

You can register up to 3 sessions/meetings (of 3 hours each). For each session you need to fill in title, short description, name and e-mail of organizer and (to give us an idea of the room size needed) estimated number of attendees. You can also register the names of the contributors (paper presenters) in this session, with their e-mail address, title of paper and abstract, if you already know (some of) them. Contributors for sessions can also register themselves at a later date. Once your session is registered and verified it will be added to the list of sessions in the online registration form for participants.

E-mail confirmation
When you register you will receive an e-mail with confirmation. We will also send the organizers and paper presenters registered by you a confirmation by e-mail with information about their registration.

Deadline for AIO and IC session registration is 15 December 2008.

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